Meta has announced its verification  for Business

Meta has announced its verification for Business

In a bid to empower creators and businesses alike, Meta, the parent company of popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, has unveiled an exciting expansion of their Meta Verified program. Initially introduced earlier this year for creators, this subscription bundle was designed to help them establish a more prominent presence on these social media giants. Now, Mark Zuckerberg has announced the forthcoming availability of Meta Verified for businesses, signaling a major leap forward in providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in the digital landscape.

Increase Your Business Online Presence

At its core, Meta Verified aims to empower businesses to stand out on these popular platforms and foster confidence among their customer base. It’s about letting customers know they're engaging with the right business.

Through a simple monthly subscription, businesses gain access to a suite of powerful tools tailored to enhance their online presence. These include:

  1. A Verified Badge: This badge serves as a seal of authenticity, confirming to customers that they're interacting with a validated and genuine business.

  2. Impersonation Monitoring: Safeguard your brand with proactive impersonation monitoring, providing an extra layer of brand protection.

  3. Dedicated Support: Access to a support system to assist with any troubleshooting or account-related issues.

  4. Enhanced Discoverability:

    • On Instagram and Facebook, subscribers will enjoy prime placement as a Meta Verified business. This means being prominently featured in search results and recommended as a verified business to follow in user feeds.

    • WhatsApp business subscribers will have access to additional premium features, including the ability to create a custom WhatsApp page that's easily discoverable via web searches. Plus, multi-device support with chat assignments ensures multiple employees can efficiently respond to customer inquiries

This new subscription offering perfectly complements the existing range of free and paid tools already available to businesses on Meta's platforms. It's tailored to empower small businesses to accomplish what matters most to them: establishing their brand and reaching new customers. As the program evolves, Meta will continue to refine and expand its offerings to provide even more value to businesses of all sizes. This includes additional tools designed to streamline the process of discovering and engaging with verified businesses.

Meta Verified business subscriptions are set to become available for purchase on Instagram and Facebook in the upcoming weeks, initially in select test countries. Monthly subscriptions will start at $21.99 USD per month per Facebook page or Instagram account, or $34.99 USD per month for both platforms.

WhatsApp users need not fret, as Meta has plans to initiate testing for small businesses on the WhatsApp Business app. This will pave the way for the eventual introduction of Meta Verified for businesses on the WhatsApp Business Platform.

In summary, Meta Verified business subscriptions represent a significant stride toward equipping businesses with the tools they need to flourish in the digital realm. With enhanced visibility, brand protection, and dedicated support, businesses can look forward to a future where they not only thrive but stand out in the online landscape. As these subscriptions become available, businesses are poised to harness the full potential of these dynamic platforms.